Adam Fry



An experienced, flexible and adaptable Duty Manager for the retail sales section of Professional Music Technology Ltd's head office and main shop; with over 27 years' experience within the music industry and music related businesses.

After an initial course at the London College of Furniture studying guitar luthriery I began work as guitar technical support, repairs and sales demonstrator for a local music shop in Southend.

Progressing through various retail, technical support and management positions over the next few years (including "Soho Sound House" London) I assisted in the creation of a new music retail venture – MJ's Music – in Essex, until joining Professional Music Technology in 2004.

I have a balanced temperament, having responsibility for direct staff management and primary contact with regular customers.

I also have primary responsibility for the regular professional and corporate client base, delivering professional and technical sales advice as well as support.

My experience has enabled me to develop a balanced approach to sales and customer communication using both technically objective and musical feel to describe technical aspects in a musical context.


Career History:

June 2004 to Present

Professional Music Technology Ltd, Duty Manager & Corporate Sales

I have direct responsibility for management of the retail staff, corporate sales support and technical demonstration of high end guitars and amplification.


Main Responsibilities:

Management of premises, cash, permanent and temporary salesstaff; coordination of stock and inventory supervision, including sales trending reviews and stock requirements;

First test of any new stock during extended evaluation stage; technical and professional musical support in sales and stock purchase decisions;

Monthly management meetings;

Health and safety and staff welfare management and first point customer complaint negotiation.



I would like the opportunity to learn new skills, deploy existing knowledge and work in new areas; I feel that I have gained a unique perspective into the motivations and requirements of the music business during my time in retail and corporate sales.

Together with this I have extensive experience of the type of sales approach that generates business from the perspective of a corporate representative when selling to businesses through understanding the balance of commercial, technical innovation and quality that businesses require to develop sustainable sales growth and repeat business.

I would welcome the opportunity to contribute high quality technical and commercial feedback into the development and innovation of new and revised products. I look forward to exploring this type of challenge further within a new business.



Music, Guitar and Amplifier Technology and Travel



Mobile: 07886 534348

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